Countdown to meltdown… 3..2..1…

We have had our fair share of toddler meltdowns, I hate calling them tantrums because well, he gets frustrated, he doesn’t know how to deal with said frustrations so he just starts to shut down. Meltdowns I can handle with care and consideration, tantrums make me grumpy.

We’ve been having a lot of melt downs lately, I really wish my little Huck Finn could communicate his emotions through something other than slapping screaming and throwing himself down on the ground. We’ve had two big meltdowns in the last couple days, I blame myself for giving most of my attention to Monkey and being sick so Huck just isn’t getting the attention he used to. I don’t find meltdowns at Walmart funny, in fact I feel like an awful parent but it’s the second of the two tantrums that just makes me giggle and enjoy this phase we’re going through.

Huck has this extreme fascination with shoes right now, mine, Poppas, well pretty much every shoe in our house he has decided he’s got to play with them. He’ll put on cowboy boots or work boots and flip flops. The other day he discovered his box of tiny shoes we keep on the top shelf of the shoe shelf by the door, in said box I have all of the shoes that he doesn’t wear or fit in to because Monkey won’t be far behind in being able to wear him. Huck found his cute little camo cowboy boots and his eyes completely lit up.He decided he needed to wear those darn boots right that second. He’s sitting on the floor in all of his glory trying to stuff his chubby Fred Flinstone feet into these tiny boots that are easily two sizes to small. I chuckled and went about feeding Monkey and Huck starts waddling over to me pointing to his foot and handing me the boot. I knew if I just took the boot away he’d have a major meltdown and with Poppa not home so I made an attempt at showing him the boots just weren’t going to fit thinking I would avoid a meltdown and he’d be over it…. nope.

Huck LOST it! He ripped the boot out of my hand and continued to try to get this boot on his foot. I must say I admire his determination, and he finally figured out that the boots weren’t going to fit. He threw the boot and threw himself on the ground. He was crying and screaming I put a different pair of shoes on him but they just aren’t the same I suppose in his little mind because it took him all of two seconds to get them off. I decided at that moment I’d just get him a bigger size of the same boots and he wouldn’t know the difference but when we went to the store to get them they don’t sell them anymore… What joy.

Luckily a few days have passed and Huck is over the boots, I think, but it reminded me that he is such a fragile little human, capable of so much emotion but unsure how to communicate those feelings to me.


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