Nap time dates

It’s been hectic around our household lately, stomach bugs, a toddler entering the terrible twos and a colicky 2 month old. Since the husband is currently not working I get a TON of help around the house but it seems like housework and parenting get all of our time and we’re not spending any time together just the two of us. The boys take two naps a day, one nap is dedicated to getting some housework done, and the other is dedicated to us, and our marriage. 

I really think I’m on to something here. I know that people don’t get to spend all day, every day with their spouses, and that’s really good… Sometimes we just get totally sick of each other but even just the weekends, two days a week, utilizing nap time dates would be helpful.

Our first nap time date was tie dying, and I must say we had a blast, neither of us have ever tie dyed before and we made each other a shirt, and made a few onsies for each of the boys. These miniature dates we get to have, at this point are in the house, but I think eventually we’ll find a sitter to come sit at the house for an hour or two during nap time while we go for a walk or find something to do as a couple that focuses on us. We had our 25 weaker baby 5 months after we were married and got married two months after we got together so we’ve not had much time to ourselves to just be together (not that I’m complaining) and it takes its toll. 

Today for our nap time date we’re having lunch together and watching a movie, Luke has been napping through lunch and just eating when he wakes up so it is a perfect opportunity to have a lunch date. 


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