A Midwestern Summer.

Aside from sickness our life has been completely blasé lately. Mr. Wallace seems to chalk it up to moving from the excitement of Austin, Tx, to Colorado Springs, Co to middle of nowhere midwest. In Austin we were definitely the happiest we’ve been. It was heaven for us. Granted we really lived 45 minutes to an hour away from downtown Austin but we made the trip multiple times a week. We made it to SXSW, saw 3D movies, found awesome little hole in the wall vegan restaurants that were to die for. We were only there for two months but it was absolutely amazing. Honestly if we didn’t have littles that we wanted to have family in their lives we would probably be back in Austin. We were made. for. Austin.

Colorado Springs wasn’t so nice to us, but we both think that is because it is in Colorado Springs where we said hello, and good bye to our first son. He was born way too early, lived too short a life and we both always relate the springs with the death of our baby. We did have our moments, we traveled to Denver a few times in the two years we lived there, hiked through Garden of the Gods, went up to Pikes Peak, but it just didn’t have the luster of Austin. We always wanted to get back to our midwestern roots, our hearts were back home.. Maybe it’s because we wanted our second and third babies to be around family, maybe it’s because it wasn’t Austin. I’m not really sure but the second those papers came down we sent money back home for our new rental, thinking it was what we needed to be super happy again.

Here we are, middle of no where. Yeah we’re not too far from St Louis, but St Louis doesn’t have much for us. The Zoo is about all we’ve enjoyed, and living an hour or so away from a cloth diaper store. We live in a too small for our family house, in the middle of town. We haven’t made it to the park or pool or anything this year due to excessive heat and too many germs making us sick. We’re just bored. We don’t have the Army keeping us in touch with friends, and neither of us really have friends here, even though it’s “home”, there just isn’t much holding us back… In fact I can count one thing… but that one thing is a BIG thing, we both want our children to have their family close by. We miss having a plethora of things to do at the drop of a hat, we miss it a lot.

Here is what a typical midwestern day looks like for us right now:

wake up


Kash cries most of the day


Luke plays and naps most of the day

I do housework


We snuggle up for some tv time


Talk about living the dream… And now that the weather is about to turn we’ll probably add a trip to the apple orchard in there, then it will be winter and we really won’t be doing anything. I hate being torn and stuck in a place that doesn’t make us as happy as we could be, but I love that the boys get to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles. Today Mr Wallace even went as far as telling me he needs the concrete yards and buildings…

I guess todays blog sort of ended up being a rant. A rant about not having much to do, a rant about missing the hustle and bustle of the city, a rant about being stuck in a town with no friends, no play dates for the littles, but also at the same time a declaration. A declaration of love for our families, that they are in fact so capable of being important enough to keep us here.


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