Embracing the little things

A good day for me lately is one where Luke doesn’t make Kash cry, we all stay in the first outfit we put on for the day, no major meltdowns, and a day where all of us are together for the whole day. Good days have become really few and far between, all of these things rarely happen right now in our day to day lives but the things that do happen are really great.

Luke has learned to “read”, he will crawl up on your lap with a book out of the book basket and babble away at you and stares at you until you say “good job!” or “omigosh really!?” All of our bedtime stories are paying off… I think… at least he understands the concept of books.

Kash is starting to get into more of a routine, which is fantastic. I still don’t get up with the boys at night since I’m on medication for my post partum depression so Mr. Wallace does that, but dang when the boys sleep well at night I have a much much happier husband which is excellent.

Mr. Wallace is working again, so we are enjoying the days we get to spend together, lately it’s just lots of snuggles and some housework… but someday we’ll accomplish something really great. Until then I’m more than thankful for snuggles.

It’s amazing the things you are grateful for when you’re a mom to two littles. I appreciate life so much more these days. Granted there are some things I just loath more than ever as well. So here’s my list

Things I’m absolutely grateful for:

  • When Luke has a cheeseburger happy meal and I get to enjoy the bite of the burger with the pickle because, well he just doesn’t like hamburger pickles
  • Kash’s smiles and giggles when Luke puts his binky in his mouth
  • Bed time! I LOVE having grown up quiet time when the boys go to sleep for the night
  • Snuggles, my best memories right now are watching Cars 2 with all of us snuggled up on the couch.
  • Fall, I LOVE the cooler weather and opening our windows

Things I’m not so grateful for

  • The days getting shorter, seriously I’d love a few extra hours!
  • Fall, it means winter is right around the corner and the year is almost over



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