Ah, heaven, at last.

We found a cloth diaper store in West County that we have just fallen in love with! We went twice this month! And that is a long drive for twice a month shopping…. We will be going back on Monday to pick up a few fall essentials. I really do have a small addiction. Okay, a large addiction… Anyway, we went to the cloth diaper store, Cottonbabies, to pick up a nose frida, in case you’ve never heard of it it’s here. http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?products_id=3260

Honestly I’d seen this lovely contraption before and I was MORTIFIED! What was wrong with my plain old bulb syringe that came home with our second little? Aside from learning that MOLD can be harbored in it, and I was using a year old nose sucker it just wasn’t sucking enough snot for me. So we packed up the littles, and Mr. Wallace drove us to West County, an hour and fifteen minute drive with traffic. The diaper store didn’t have it in stock. Apparently everyones kids are battling colds lately.

Now, let me paint the picture for you. The diaper store is like four shops down from Whole Foods. We lived close to a Whole Foods in Colorado but I avoided it like the plague. Military salary, stay at home mom, newborn… I was on a budget and I had heard that Whole Foods was OUTRAGEOUS. Now, back at that point I wasn’t nearly as aware as I am now about what gets put into our bodies and what touches our skin but now we have a smaller budget, with two littles and retirement pay and no housing allowance. The first time we went to the diaper store I looked longingly at Whole Foods, knowing we couldn’t afford to shop there, and I was okay with that.

Well the woman working the counter at the diaper store said she had heard that Whole Foods had the Nose Frida. It was a bittersweet moment with me. I was so excited to go to Whole Foods but I was crushed that I would know what Whole Foods was actually like and know that I couldn’t shop there. We were in heaven in there. LOVED it. We took a look around and realized that in all honesty the prices aren’t nearly as bad as we had heard, and not much more than what we are spending at the local supercenter. Monday we are going back to grocery shop there for two weeks. I guess we will find out then if it’s really not as bad but I would be so thrilled if we could actually grocery shop there for all of our groceries. We will probably also drop by the Trader Joes in West County on Monday as well, since we haven’t been there either.

I have decided that Whole Foods is not just my favorite place to shop, but my favorite place to be indoors in the whole world. It’s beautiful, it smells devine. Ah just so absolutely wonderful.


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