A dream is a wish your heart makes.

It seems like Kash’s name has been under a ton of scrutiny lately, I’m not sure why but it really bothers me. I hate hearing people talk to him using a different name, I hate when people ask me how on earth I came up with such an odd name.

While I was pregnant I had all kinds of dreams, scary dreams, sad dreams, normal plain jane dreams. Once when I was pregnant with Luke I had a dream that the dr surgically removed the baby from me and he was frozen, so we had to use an ice pick to get to him. I was the queen of crazy dreams. Fast forward a year and some change I was in the hospital trying to keep in baby number three. His name was going to be Liam. But of course everyone had their say about it and it had changed, and once we changed his name once we opened a whole locked room full of baby names, we had list after list after list. We put these lists in the Bible and prayed over it for DAYS. I got out of the hospital and got to go home to finish out my pregnancy, and sometime in the last days of my pregnancy I had a dream.

I had a dream that my dad, who passed away in 2008 was holding our brand new baby, in our living room. In my dream my dad called him Kash. I woke up the next morning, telling the Mr my dream and we both agreed that he was Kash. Our love for Johnny Cash didn’t hurt either 🙂

I’m trying to actively make an effort to blog more, to document things more so that when I feel nostalgic I have a place to go sit and read.


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