It’s that Holiday time again…

I always can’t wait for the holidays to get here, but every time they come around I’m just ready for them to be over. I don’t feel like I get to really enjoy them anymore, now that I’m married. Mister Wallaces parents have new spouses, and their own separate families so instead of the typical two, maybe three holiday stops we have seven. Granted they are spread out over a couple days but that is a LOT of Thanksgiving dinners! Of course on top of that we have to make sure we spend plenty of time with the Misters momma who is coming in from out of town for three days. I mean I know I have a lot to be thankful for, and I’m so happy that so many people and families are wonderful enough to care and love our offspring, but it is STRESSFUL! 

And of course on top of all of it, a good chunk of all of these people have never seen the babies, and since Lucas is 19 months old that’s a LONG time to not have gotten to spend time with family.  I am beyond stressed this week, so this will probably be all I have to put on the table as far as Thanksgiving blog posts go. 

So here it goes, the good stuff. I’m thankful for so so much. I love that I have two beautiful, healthy, thriving baby boys, they definitely keep life interesting. I am thankful that even though it’s stressful we have a giant family, who adore our kids, who help us when we need help, who listen to us when we need to vent. I’m thankful that we have a home, and a yard for the boys to play in. I’m thankful for our dog, who gets on our nerves so SO often, but she’s great with Lucas and what more could a woman ask for? I’m thankful that we were able to move back to our hometown  this year and be closer to everyone. I’m thankful even though he’s not here anymore for my daddy, because I grew up knowing that I had a dad who would do anything for me and loved me unconditionally.

And while this isn’t all I’m grateful for by any means I have a toddler who is pulling at my leg to go to bed, and a husband who is dying for my attention so I’ll get to the really important stuff, I’m completely thankful for my Mister, the love of my life, and my best friend. I am so glad that out of all the women in the world he chose me, it might have really stunk being away from our entire family during the birth and death of Caiden, my pregnancy and birth of Lucas and most of my pregnancy with Kash, but I couldn’t have picked a better man to move across the country with. I’m also thankful for our family, that we are still together even though we go through hell some times, that we can look and see each other every day, that we can giggle and smile and play together every day. 

The saddest thing I am thankful for this holiday however, is that I got to spend 18 days with my sweet sweet baby Caiden. I got to hold him, and hold his hand, and hear his cries, change his diapers and feed him. I’m thankful that he fought and held on long enough to let almost every one meet him. I’m thankful that he was a part of our lives. 

I hope that you are having a spectacular Thanksgiving week, and even with all of the stress and family feuds you end up dealing with, just remember all you are thankful for. It makes every thing else seem petty 🙂 


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