Getting in to the Christmas spirit (my first photoblog!!!)



We are trying to get into the Christmas Spirit in the Wally house, unfortunately since Thanksgiving we have had one sickness after another so we have been going to bed super early and missing out on lighting our Christmas tree and our lights on our house. I think we’re finally kicking some germ butt, just in time to get the house ready for the in laws to come to town. Being sick for a few weeks let the house get AWFUL and I hate it.

The boys are finally warming up to Santa. He came to our family Christmas party this weekend and BOTH of them sat on his lap!!! 😀 This really excites me because I thought we weren’t going to be getting pictures of them on Santas lap this year. ImageImage

(yes our family had their Christmas party in a bar. It was epic, feel free to be a little jealous.)


I’m so thankful for this time of year, and the fact that we can give our kids a family Christmas. I love that this time of year makes me feel so close to Dad and Caiden even though they are celebrating the holidays in Heaven. I love that the boys are falling in love with Christmas. I love the smell of the house while baking cookies, and the wonderful sense of Family.


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