A day in the life

My days are so boring right now, getting used to the stay at home mommy job while the mister works 5 days a week. I must say that since last Monday I have adjusted very well. 

Today I:

  • woke up to two beautiful babies in my bed, snuggling and loving on each other in the early morning sunlight
  • watched stuart little 2, twice
  • ate peaches and cream oatmeal with lucas while kash played in his exercauser
  • put the roast in the crock pot
  • put the boys to bed for their naps
  • swept, mopped, cleaned the living room
  • made hobo hamburger stew for tomorrows dinner and lunches this week
  • snuggled with kash while lucas finished is nap
  • had lunch 
  • played with the babies and watched spongebob until the hubstermeister came home

yep, i’m officially boring. i can not wait until it warms up and we can go to the park. and we move to the new house and can play in the yard where there aren’t a million stray cats pooing everywhere and in a nice neighborhood. we didn’t even manage to get officially dressed today, we changed into clean pjs and just chilled. 


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