Fifties housewife experiment day one

whew, i’m tired today and i still didn’t get everything done that needed to be done. last night i was sick after eating some bad food so i woke up still exhausted two hours later than i needed to be up. but all things considered i think i did alright. i woke up at 930 with mr wally and got breakfast on, finished the diaper laundry that i started last night, got dishes from breakfast done, started baby laundry and picked up the kitchen a bit. then i started dinner which was ready and on the table at noon before the mister could complain about being hungry, and that’s about where i started to trickle off, i continued to switch and do laundry and pick up as we went as the day went on, moved the boys room around and put the rocking chair in their room, folded the laundry got the boys dinner and that’s it. i need to get better at getting started on housework right after tyler leaves for work since after the sun goes down i’m just useless when it comes to productivity. since i woke up with the husband instead of a couple hours before him i was in my pajamas until close to lunch which also screwed up my day. instead of waiting up for him i think i’m going to get to bed around 11 and just see him in the morning so that way i don’t wake up late, and he wakes me up to chat when he gets home usually anyway. i feel like it was a good first day, i suspect it will take some time getting used to not sitting down all day except to feed the baby but i’m hoping that by this time next week it’s all second nature. 

things i will be working on tomorrow:

  •  continuing everything that got done well today
  • our bedroom and bathroom need a whole lot of attention tomorrow so no days of our lives or internet browsing. 
  • today i was so behind i didn’t do the dishes right away after supper so it threw off the whole evening
  • waking up at 7 instead of 930 

i’m so thankful to have this blog to keep a record of this, and how it goes. i’m spending a lot of time hoping it does get easier as it goes on and that by the time easter weekend rolls around and we have family in town we are in the full swing of a 1950s family. 


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