fifties housewife challenge day two



Today was day two of the challenge, still pretty challenging but better than yesterday. I woke up an hour before my dear husband did, fed Luke his oatmeal and did the dishes that were left over from last night, started diaper laundry (still hasn’t been finished), fixed spaghetti for dinner, fixed the babys crib that I broke yesterday, got the lunch dishes done and spent some time with my mister before he headed off to win the bread.

This is about the time Luke threw up. it threw the whole rest of the day for a loop, but he quickly started acting well again, so I assumed he had too many marshmallows and went about the day, I cleared off the sideboard in the living room, and put an easter decoration on it, and plan to finish decorating it after a trip to the antique store this weekend, I fixed the cuckoo clock which hasn’t worked in years, cleared out the hutch in the dining room that my momma left here (everything is still on the kitchen table) and then we went to the in-laws for dinner, which was especially nice since we usually don’t get out of the house during the week. 

Once we got home the boys played, and just went down for bed, and I’m getting ready to finish up the living room so I can focus on the rest of the rooms of the house tomorrow.

 My goals for tomorrow not only include getting even more effecient at the housework, finishing what I start and keeping the home in order, but being more patient with my dear husband. I am still lacking in the retro wife department, I did manage to get up and pull myself together before Mister Wally woke up. Which felt really REALLY nice.

I have a feeling this challenge is going to prove a lot more rewarding for our family than I originally thought. 🙂 I couldn’t be happier. 


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