Day three.

Day three of the ’50s housewife challenge has stunk. bad. I woke up, only had one clean dress, and no clean pants, so i wore my clean dress, which was worn to a wedding so definitely not a housework kind of dress. I tousled my curls, and put on my make up, skipping my red lipstick ( seriously pretty sure that’s the reason I was slacking today ) and got Luke breakfast and did dishes from yesterday. Then Mister Wally woke up, and he was a grump…. which turned me into a grump, needless to say I ended up in leggins and an oversized sweater I’m pretty sure came from my brother.

I did however, clear out the sideboard in our living room, and our entryway closet, I still haven’t put everything back, but it’s something. And the dishes stayed caught up today. I still didn’t do laundry so I’ll probably stay in my pjs all day tomorrow or at least until I can get some laundry finished.

I guess day 4 will have to be the day it all clicks for me because it definitely wasn’t day four…


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