Starting over.

I am starting this whole ’50s housewife challenge over. I wasn’t fully into it when I started, I was stressed about in-laws coming to town, and having the house presentable but not in order and clean so now I’m trying to get the disaster of a house together and organized and fully functioning. No more closing the kitchen and guest room doors when people are coming over, no more pile of dirty laundry that weighs as much as me, no more cluttered and trashed basement because if the tornado sirens go off I need a place to take the boys and be safe. Saturday and Sunday this week will be dedicated to putting the house together, decluttering, catching up on laundry moving the boys’ beds up to their new room, putting together our new room, and just getting in order. Monday through Friday will be focusing on getting the kids into a routine, there is so much chaos in our lives and no routine what so ever, and Saturday and Sunday will be spent relaxing as a familiy, and Lucas’ second birthday party. Then, on April 22, I will be starting the ’50s housewife challenge. I will strive to be a better home maker, work to have my husband feel relaxed and comfortable in our home, have our kids into a smooth and wonderful routine. I will take time to focus on being the wife God intended me to be, the wife that I should have been for the last three years that I haven’t been. I will put my God, my marriage, and my family before everyone and anything else. 


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