getting on with life

i’ve decided to abandon the ’50s housewife challenge. it’s doing absolutely nothing for my marriage, or family. and it’s making every one a little more miserable. 

i have to stop being the wife and mom that i think everyone expects me to be, and just be me.

little ole music lovin’, jean and tee shirt wearing independent me. 

i have prayed on it, and thought about it and i just think if i’m going to be happy then i just need to be me, and stop trying so hard to impress anyone. i have an amazing husband who loves me to bits, two beautiful living babies and one amazing guardian angel baby. i have been blessed to be able to stay home with my babies, learning with them, playing with them. i need to embrace that. i need to be happy in my skin, with my life, now. because tomorrow it could all be taken away, and i don’t want to live my life trying to fit into a mold, because it just isn’t me.

for the next few weeks or months or however long it takes i’ll be using this blog as a place to write down every good thing that happens to me, to us, in this life. to appreciate, to brag, to be positive.


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