just checking in.

last month i became the official mom of a two year old. seriously how do these things happen? they really just creep up, one minute my baby was learning to crawl and walk and communicate then suddenly he’s two. he’s just the sweetest little thing in the world. and he’s growing up waaayyy too fast! seriously, walking into church today he said hi to EVERYONE, and he’s become so independent it’s sad. he’s blessed my life in so many ways as have his brothers. i could not imagine my life without my babies or my mister. 


i was made to be a mommy and wife.


i’ll let that sink in for a moment, yes i said it, i was made to be a mommy and wife. 


definitely not something i’ve felt for most of the last year but i think i’ve finally regained my footing in life, kicked that stubborn postpartum depression to the curb and started enjoying this life again. 


once i figure out how to post photos on here in a wonderful fashion i think weekly i’ll just dump filbert 3.0s photos on here. but i really stink at things like that. 


really this is just a check in post, i don’t have much interesting to post, and i’m full of ramblings, but hey the boys are napping and the laundry is folded so i had a few minutes to just chill with my thoughts, my happy happy thoughts. 



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