2014: A year for personal growth.

I’m not too big on New Years resolutions, I have never been good at them, and really, who is? Instead I vowed that starting right after the holidays I would finally start standing up for what I believe is best for our children, and our family, and for our values. 

I have realized that being 23 weeks pregnant it’s becoming a heck of a lot easier to stand up for myself to others than it ever has been, and I’m kind of afraid that come May I’m going to clam up again, but I’m praying that God helps me to be more assertive and a lot less passive. 

The boys are enjoying a lot more time at home with mommy and daddy and less time bouncing around from family member to family member for visits (aside from going to my moms to spend time with my brother before he leaves for the Navy next month). 

I even brought up my birth plan to my midwife at my Drs office AND the hospital, without reservation. I was pretty darn proud of myself, mostly because I’ve never been the one to bring anything up at the Drs office, I always left that to my Mister. 

I’m trying to grow as a mother, be calmer, gentler, and be more readily available for the boys than what I have been. I feel so disconnected from them and like I have failed them for not standing up for our parenting beliefs so they have absolutely no routine that is solid enough to feel comfortable. But it’s something that we’re working on this year, being more solid in our views and beliefs, and I think we’re all going to be tighter as a family by the end of it. 🙂 

I am trying to be a better wife, and spend quality time with the Mister, communicating better, being quicker to forgive, and slower to anger. 

I am definitely going to be back to blogging as we prepare for our newest addition, as we journey through personal growth as a family, and as I learn more as a mother, wife, and stay at home momma. 




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