when I just want to be mom

Lately my days have started to run together, make beds, breakfast, play, clean, lunch, naps, dinner, baths, bed, repeat. Day in and day out it’s pretty much the same, Tyler is usually home late from work, the kids usually find every way possible to test my limits. Most days I look around and feel like I’m drowning, like I’m a child trying to play house and I’m failing miserably.

The only thing that changes is the fact that Monday I could be totally Mary freaking Poppins, everything is kept in order and tidy, everyone is fed and happy and get along, laundry stays caught up, dishes stay clean… but the day after a Mary Poppins day I crash…HARD…it’s like I don’t have the energy in me to do all of that all over again.

There has to be a balance somewhere, getting things done without the burnout. Its just when I’m in the cleaning mood I am in the mood to get stuff done, right then and there. When I’m not I am just not even thinking about it.. I want to curl up with the kids and veg out to movies and not worry about being a home maker, some days I just want to be mom. Some days I want to ship my kids off to grandmas and be a home maker.


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