This year has ended up being quite the whirlwind. The baby spent 9 days in Childrens hospital, half of those in the PICU, Tyler lost his job, Tyler found a new job, we moved 700 miles, got rid of my childhood home.

It’s just been one for the books for sure. I never would have even fathomed we would move away from small town Illinois again, let alone to Louisiana. It fits us though, well me at least. I LOVE the hot weather, and the fact that we won’t see snow, living close to the beach, the culture. I love that my kids are seeing new culture. My husband however, is not a big fan of the heat.


He became a lineman. This was something I was in no way prepared for. Being an Army wife was simple, you knew when they were going to the field, getting deployed. This lineman wife business is no joke, at the drop of a hat he could get sent to a storm, at two in the morning on a Sunday he can be called to a down pole from a car accident. There is never any prediction as to when he can or can’t be called out. He’s working tons of hours every single week.

The kids are in bed before he is home a lot of the time, and are up after he’s gone. Weekends when he gets called out is heartbreaking for them. They miss their daddy, and have had a lot of time with him where he is home all day in between jobs.

It’s tough, more tough than I EVER imagined it would be. But we’re learning, we’re getting better at knowing not to plan too much on a weekend, we’re learning to not take the time we have together as a family for granted. I’m branching out trying to meet other lineman wives who get what we’re going through.

But I can’t help but feel like I’m being so selfish, most of the lineman wives I have met have their husbands gone for weeks, months at a time. Some of them live in a camper and travel all over the place with their husbands. I feel like I should be grateful for the fact that my husband is home at some point every single night, even if it’s just enough time to eat sleep and leave again.

I’ve spent the last two months sitting around the apartment with the kids being mopey because Ty isn’t home, or gets called out when we get settled in, instead of learning to adapt and finding ways to make our lives run as smoothly as possible in this situation.


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