Grief. It’s such a weird word, so short, simple, to the point. The world doesn’t teach you about grief growing up, instead, grief is learned, it’s experienced, it hangs over you in the most trying, complicated times in your life. You don’t get a preparation in grief until one brief moment and it’s all you […]

Sometimes I go days,even weeks, where I have it all together…today, however, is not one of those days. Not even close. As I sit here holding a sleeping baby watching the boys play I look around the house and feel like a failure. There are dishes in the sink, laundry baskets patiently waiting to be […]

My life tends to take little growth spurts every now and then. I’m forced to grow emotionally in ways that I never thought I would. Right now I’m going through an awkward growth period where I’m not sure what to do with myself. I’m struggling to find my perfect place in this life, I hope […]

I am a mom full of problems

There are days I just KNOW it’s going to be an awful day, the second I wake up I can just feel that awful just go back to bed and start over feeling. I’m an introvert, I love being inside my own head, I love just relaxing with myself, by myself, for myself. I’m also […]

This year has ended up being quite the whirlwind. The baby spent 9 days in Childrens hospital, half of those in the PICU, Tyler lost his job, Tyler found a new job, we moved 700 miles, got rid of my childhood home. It’s just been one for the books for sure. I never would have […]

when I just want to be mom

Lately my days have started to run together, make beds, breakfast, play, clean, lunch, naps, dinner, baths, bed, repeat. Day in and day out it’s pretty much the same, Tyler is usually home late from work, the kids usually find every way possible to test my limits. Most days I look around and feel like […]

Since the holidays our house has been a disaster, and day in and day out I have freaked out trying to get into some sort of order. I get angry with the kids, angry with Tyler, angry with myself. Every single room in our house has boxes or bags of things we got for Christmas, […]